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Why Mental Health?

Those of us leading the Mental Health Blog Awards believe there is a huge opportunity to change the perception about mental health, what it is, and to recognise and celebrate those actively raising awareness and education. 


Importantly, part of that education is understanding mental health is not just about illness; as physical health is not just about injury. 

Our supporters and nominees will come with insights and interests in a variety of mental health aspects. 


We are privileged to see so many sharing their experience with mental health illnesses via blogs, vlogs and podcasts. We hope there can be an equal growth of those discussing mental health for all, regardless of an experience with illness. 

Why Not Wellbeing?

A good point, and one we have considered. However, as vast as mental health is, wellbeing is even more so.


Really it's two main points:

  • Wellbeing can include aspects that do not relate to mental health. 

  • A reason to use 'wellbeing' rather than 'mental health' would be because of the misunderstanding and stigma around the term 'mental health'. However, part of our reason for being is to support raised education of what mental health is, including it not only being about illness. 

As such, we are, and remain,

the Mental Health Blog Awards. 

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