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Community Leaders

Our Community Leaders volunteer their time, expertise and knowledge to:

  • Support the evolution and planning of Mental Health Blog Awards

  • Promote nominations, sponsorship and engagement

  • Encourage innovation and inclusion at MHBA

  • Review MHBA challenges and successes

  • Act in accordance with the Community Leaders code of conduct


We continue to develop the experiences shared within our Team.

Our aspiration is to be as inclusive and representative as possible.

Being a Community Leader is a voluntary role requiring around 15 to 30 hours per year.

Consisting of:

  • 4x 90 minute online pre event planning meetings

  • Between meeting actions

  • 1x 90 minute online post event meeting

Community Leaders are ineligible for Award nomination. 

We recognise our situations, commitments and responsibilities do occasionally change. With this in mind, each year we check in with our Community Leaders. Reviewing if they wish to continue for the following year. 

We review new Community Leader applications between November and February each year.

If you are interested in supporting MHBA, being part of the Team and feel you can add something different to our Team, please contact us via the button below.

Community Leaders

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