Shortlisted Bloggers from 2,014 online votes

Project of the Year
Sponsored by Big Man Beard

Collab - Mental Health Crisis Angels 
Collab - Psychreg
Freddie - Vent
Hope - Dump the Scales
Tom - Messy4Mind

Photography of the Year
Sponsored by Damien Smith

Elspeth - ElspethFit
Emma - Red Silver Mountains
Flora - Flotograpghy
Leah - Leah Barfield
Pixee - Thats What Pea Said
Vicky - Looney Chick Blog

Micro Influencer of the Year
Sponsored by Mental Movement Magazine 

Amy - Anxiety Sugar 
Cara - Rainy Bay Blog
Denise - Just a Girl, This is Depression
Fighter Mummy - Fighter Mummy
Jake - Slay The Stigma 
Lorna - Living Beyond The Borderline

Podcaster of the Year
Sponsored by Know Yourself Podcast

Davey & Damian | Men Talk Health UK
Gemma - How to Make Friends
Gemma - No Really Im Fine
Fearne - Happy Place 
Freddie & Vent - The Just Checking In Podcast
Simon - CEO at MHFA

Vlogger of the Year
Sponsored by Instant Counselling

Anna - My Life with Bipolar Disorder 
Beth - Miss Anxiety
Bex - Bex’s Anorexia Recovery
Bryan - BPD Bryan
Sophie - Mama Mei
Unknown - Perfectly Borderline

Social Media Champion of the Year 
Sponsored by Vuelio

Cara - @CaraLisette
Dan - @DanCooleDaily
Fighter Mummy - @Fighter_Mummy
Gemma - @GemmaScopes
Katie - @katiessanctuary
Sophie - @TheOCDFight
Tom - @Messy4Mind

Blogger of the Year
Cara - Cara’s Corner
Dan - Dan Coole Daily 
Dennis - Psychreg
Freddie - Vent
Rebecca - Food for Thought Anorexia
Simon - CEO at MHFA Blog

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